Tim Hortons seeks to reclaim Canadian brand identity amid lukewarm sales

Article Link: https://edmonton.citynews.ca/2020/01/31/tim-hortons-seeks-to-reclaim-canadian-brand-identity-amid-lukewarm-sales/

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Tim Hortons franchisees gathered in Calgary earlier this week and erupted into applause after corporate executives promised to help reframe the public’s understanding that the chain is a Canadian company. Two Canadians, Ron Joyce and hockey pro Tim Horton, founded the chain in the 1960s and it opened its 1,000th restaurant in 1995. Wendy’s International Inc. acquired it that year, and in 2014 U.S.- and Brazil-based 3G Capital merged it with Burger King under a new parent company, Restaurant Brands International. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently fuelled this fire when he visited Oh Doughnuts, a Winnipeg bakery, to pick up treats for some meetings. He shared the purchase on his Twitter account with the hashtag ShopLocal.