Randall Denley: Lacklustre Ontario Liberal leadership debate doesn’t bode well for party’s future

Article Link: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/randall-denley-lukewarm-ontario-liberal-leadership-debate-doesnt-bode-well-for-partys-future

Discussion posted by: David McNamara

The Ontario Liberal Party’s hope for the future rests almost entirely on the leader the party will select in early March. If the lukewarm performance the six contenders gave at a debate in Ottawa this week is indicative of their skills, the Liberals’ troubles have only just begun. It would be unfair to call the six would-be leaders the B Team, because there is no A Team. No obvious saviours are sitting this one out. Instead, provincial Liberals will choose from two former cabinet ministers who still have seats, one who lost his in 2018, and three keen people who are wildly under-qualified for the job.