Iran’s military knew it accidentally shot down a passenger plane moments after it happened, and a stunning new report details how it was covered up — even from Iran’s president

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Rather than reporting to President Rouhani, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards report directly to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. As such, General Hajizadeh and other Revolutionary Guards generals reportedly didn’t tell the Iranian president or military what they knew to be the likely truth: That Iran had accidentally fired two antiaircraft missiles at a passenger jet, and that jet had crashed due to those missiles. As Iran publicly denied involvement in shooting down the plane, a committee was reportedly put together to investigate. Participants “were sequestered and ordered not to speak to anyone,” according to the NYT report. “If we had said this, our air defense system would have become crippled and our guys would have had doubted everything,” Gen. Hajizadeh said.