Pierre Poilievre gets emotional over decision not to pursue Conservative leadership

Article Link: https://globalnews.ca/news/6457742/pierre-poilievre-conservative-leadership-2/

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Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre says weeks of uncertainty about whether he actually wanted to enter the party’s leadership race came to a head as deadlines to sign contracts loomed. He says he went to bed a few nights ago pledging that if he did not feel “all in” for the job when he woke up, he’d drop out — and that’s what he did Thursday, throwing a bombshell into the ongoing campaign. Poilievre, known as a hard-edged, scrappy fighter on the floor of the House of Commons, grew emotional as he described his decision to back out. He says he took some advice from a friend: write two letters to his toddler, one describing why he chose to run and a second laying out why he didn’t. He says he liked the second letter better, and decided he was tired of constantly sacrificing his personal life for his professional one.