Jagmeet Singh says NDP wants lengthy debate on new NAFTA deal

Article Link: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/singh-says-ndp-wants-lengthy-debate-on-new-nafta-deal

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NDP leader Jagmeet Singh wants a thorough review and debate in Parliament of the new NAFTA agreement before deciding if the deal gets his party’s support. Singh met with his caucus Wednesday in Ottawa, in advance of the parliamentary session next week. The Liberals have indicated they will make the new Canada U.S. Mexico agreement (CUSMA) one of the first pieces of legislation when the House of Commons resumes sitting next week. Singh said his party won’t be rushed into supporting the deal. “We have seen the text and we want to make sure there is a thoughtful approach,” he said. “I want to make sure we are signing deals that are in the best interest of Canadians, particularly Canadian workers.” In a minority government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will need support from one of the other parties to get the agreement passed.