‘I’m in’: Peter MacKay confirms he’s running for the Conservative leadership

Article Link: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/mackay-tweets-leadership-1.5427544

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Peter MacKay officially signalled he’s ready to jump into the Conservative leadership race today with a four-word tweet: “I’m in. Stay tuned.” MacKay is expected to formally launch his campaign late next week. The tweet (which he also sent out in French) publicly confirms work that has been going on behind the scenes for some time. MacKay has recruited former Conservative MP Alex Nuttall as his campaign manager. Nuttall was an organizer for Maxime Bernier during the Conservative leadership race in 2017. Michael Diamond, who ran Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s PC leadership campaign in 2018, will be MacKay’s director of communications. MacKay will be running to lead the party he helped to create.