FAQ: How to apply for $60 credit during Ontario teacher strikes

Article Link: https://toronto.citynews.ca/2020/01/15/faq-how-to-apply-to-receive-financial-support-for-labour-disruptions/

Discussion posted by: Rebeater

Who is eligible to receive assistance? Parents are eligible to receive financial support if they have children in three separate categories: If your child attends a school-based child care centre that has to close because of a strike; If your child is in junior kindergarten up to and including Grade 7 at a publicly-funded school that has to close because of a labour disruption; If your child has special needs and attends a publicly-funded school up to and including Grade 12 (up to age 21) that has to close due to a labour disruption. You are not eligible if your child attends a child care centre that is based outside of a school.