Chris Selley: Tory leadership race should be a battle of ideas, not just personalities

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Discussion posted by: David McNamara

The idea of Maxime Bernier winning the 2017 Conservative leadership contest presents a fascinating counterfactual scenario. It is often said that the Conservatives dodged a bullet by not electing the soon-to-be People’s Party leader. But there’s no reason to think he would have tried to take the Tories in that direction, let alone succeeded. And Bernier’s leadership platform was more than radical enough to have turned Canadian politics on its ear, had he stuck to his guns. He proposed oerhauling both equalization and federal health care funding; ending all forms of corporate welfare; eliminating the dairy, poultry and maple syrup cartels; privatizing Canada Post and axing its letter-mail monopoly; abolishing the capital gains tax, and dismantling the CRTC.