Keith Gerein: Jan. 8, a day of unspeakable tragedy for Edmontonians. Never forget it

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You can imagine the mindset of many of the victims as they boarded the plane early Wednesday, likely relieved to be leaving Iran at a time when the country may be on the verge of war with the United States. Many of their relatives were likely also anxious to see the passengers land safely back in Canada, only to hear that their plane went down shortly after takeoff. Iranian-Canadians form a community that has given much to our city, contributing not just to our cultural enrichment but also helping to strengthen so many of the public institutions we all depend on, from law, medicine and government to public services, education and business. They are our colleagues, our neighbours, our friends and family. They have given to all of us. And we must now recognize our obligation to give back to them when they need us most. We must react wit