GIBBONS: Lustre’s off Canada, but maybe it should still be there

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Happy New Year, Happy New Decade. So the country is feeling a little worse for wear these days, but at least we survived the last decade without wrecking the place. The question is this: What will it take to shake off a hangover and restore our once lofty reputation as Best Country in the World, assuming we ever deserved that title. You’ll recall that, for the better part of the 1990s, Canada stood proudly atop the United Nations’ annual Human Development Index. We bragged to anyone who’d listen that Canada was the Best Country in the World. We were No. 1! It was a national shock when we slipped to second place one year. Wind forward to 2010 and the Good Ship Canada began to take on water. We dropped to fourth. By last year, we’d plunged to 13th.