‘Snowbirds’ challenge Ontario’s cut to travel insurance

Article Link: https://www.thestar.com/politics/provincial/2020/01/02/group-representing-canadian-travel-rights-challenges-ontarios-scrap-out-of-country-health-insurance.html

Discussion posted by: Rebeater

Just a day after Ontario’s move to axe out-of-country emergency health coverage came into effect, a group representing Canadian “snowbirds” said it will fight the change in court. Arguing the change violates both federal law and provisions of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, the Canadian Snowbird Association is now asking for a judicial review. “Portability is enshrined in the Canada Health Act,” said Evan Rachkovsky, director of research and communications for the association. “These people worked their entire lives and paid into the system and should be receiving those benefits for out-of-country emergency service.”