Oil prices surge after US attack kills top Iran military leader

Article Link: https://www.aljazeera.com/ajimpact/oil-prices-surge-attack-kills-top-iran-military-leader-200103021441832.html

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Oil prices jumped more than 4 percent on Friday after senior Iranian and Iraqi military personnel were killed in a United States air raid near Baghdad Airport, raising concerns that escalating Middle East tensions may disrupt oil supplies.Brent crude futures were up by nearly $3 at $69.16 per barrel, their highest since September 17, as markets feared Iran could retaliate against the killing of its top militiamen by attacking assets of the US and their allies in the Middle East. “The fact is that Iran will come back and hit US assets or the assets of US allies in the region, and they will do so repeatedly over a period of time,” Tirman said.