A more dangerous world:’ U.S. killing of top Iran general triggers global alarm

Article Link: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/iran-general-killing-global-alarm-1.5413788

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Global powers are warning the world has become a more dangerous place after U.S. President Donald Trump ordered the killing of Iran’s top general and are urging restraint on all sides. The United States urged its citizens to leave Iraq “immediately.” Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned the killing of Soleimani and said it will increase tensions throughout the Middle East. The head of the foreign affairs committee in Russia’s upper parliament house called the U.S. airstrike “a mistake” that could “boomerang on its organizers.” And “Iran may accelerate making a nuclear weapon now, even if it didn’t plan on doing it before,” Kosachev said. China, meanwhile, said it is “highly concerned” and called for all sides, especially the U.S., to exercise “calm and restraint.”